Merry Christmas

Then he showed me a vision in which I saw a great tree that seemed to reach unto the heavens; and as I saw these things, he said, “The roots of this tree are in the earth, which is your body. The trunk extends upwards through the five regions of humanity to the crown, which is the kingdom of the spirit.”

The Gospel of the Beloved Companion 42:3 (pg 77)


A long time ago it occurred to me that I could never prove neither the goodness nor even the existence of a God, and oddly enough, this thought set me free.  Since I could not prove to myself that there was a god, it became incumbent upon me to take responsibility for my own choices in life, and so belief became a choice, and one that I willingly made.

Why, you might ask, would I choose to believe in a God I could not prove? Well, my thinking was like this: I choose to believe in the god described in the teachings of Yeshua, when he said “God is love.”  If there is such a God, then that is who I will serve.  And if there is no such god, I will have lost nothing, but gained much – for if there is no such god, how much more we need love in the world!

Since then, it seems that I find all around me writings that speak of a consistent and persistent wisdom born of love which dwells within me, and permeates the universe. Most recently, I discovered Jehane deQuillan’s translation of The Gospel of the Beloved Companion, and was immediately struck by Miriam’s vision of the great tree of human enlightenment, described in Chapter 42, verses 3 through 10.  So, this is my Christmas Tree for 2015: the beautiful tree of Miriam’s vision.

Trees are abundant in the temperate rain forest of my home state, Massachusetts, and have always resonated powerfully within my soul. Though many of these principles have already been a force for powerful change in my life, this imagery is particularly powerful for me, and inspired an unexpected burst of creativity resulting in both the painting on the home page of this blog and my sketch above.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts and comments below.


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