NOW: A Reading for 2015

NOW No. 006

On Thursday night, I spent some time with “NOW“, my power word for 2015.  And what I did on Thursday was to do a three card reading from Sonia Choquette’s card deck “Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose”.  The cards laid out as follows:

  1. Where I was in 2014: #57 “Raise Your Vibration”
  2. Where I am now: #18 “Don’t Push the Envelope”
  3. Challenges I will face in 2015: #38 “Face Your Adversaries”

Normally when I do a card reading, I will refer to the guidebook that comes with the deck, and copy out the interpretation of the card, adding to and deleting from it as the reading prompts me.  On Thursday, however, I had a very clear sense of message coming through, without any reference to the guidebook.  Each card seemed instantly to carry a very definite meaning for me, and that is what I would like to share with you now.

What is your power word for 2015, and why?

2014 57 “Raise Your Vibration” NOW did not exist for you in 2014. You were constantly consumed by worry: the projection of the past into the future.   Your recognition of NOW as your power word for 2015 shows that in 2014 you did indeed raise your vibration. You are ready to leave the lower energies of your anxiety and fear and guilt behind you and move powerfully in to the new year.
NOW 18 “Don’t Push the Envelope” Though it is a word of power, NOW does not mean to be in a hurry. Think of it rather like the gearing in a car: it will get you going, but it isn’t going to be fast at the start. Yes, you will get up to cruising speed, but don’t try to get there without going through the gears. Rather, remain grounded in the present.   Be patient as all good things will be revealed in their own due time. Your time of waiting is nearly at an end, and exciting things will happen in 2015, but for now, practice patience and remain grounded in the NOW.
2015 38 “Face Your Adversaries” NOW you have taken off your mask, and are boldly declaring yourself and your inner truths on your new blog, The Miriam Tree. Good for you! We are so glad to see you taking this step. However, be aware that all growth comes with some growing pains: there will be many who will seek to oppose or stop you in your work, some of them close to you indeed.   You will need to remain in touch with your inner Wisdom, the Wisdom of Love as you like to call it. That is a good name for it, especially in its significance for you – for as long as you remember that you are seeking to walk in the way of Love, your step will not falter at all.
Blessings be with you, dear one. We are watching over you and are with you always. Your Spirit Guide Team, January 1, 2015.

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