Thoughts on A Course In Miracles: Lessons 9 – 11


Eyes of A Woman

Lesson 9: I see nothing as it is now.

January 2, 2015


I found many opportunities to apply this yesterday,  and it worked very well with my “7 Laws” focus for the day – to remain open to all possibility, to remain in uncertainty: because I see nothing as it is NOW, I recognized the uncertainty in everything I seemed to see and experience.  No need to catalogue here, but it was a good day.  And NOW it is gone.

Lesson 10: My thoughts do not mean anything.

January 3, 2015

Close your eyes for these exercises, and introduce them by repeating the idea for today quite slowly to yourself. Search your mind for all the thoughts that are available to you, without selection or judgment. As each one crosses your mind, say: My thought about ___ does not mean anything.



I spent a lot of time thinking about my relationship with Mark today, and seemed to make a lot of progress in making betters some things that were distressing me. My thought about my relationship with Mark does not mean anything
I made pasta today. My thought about making pasta does not mean anything.
I feel out of touch with my spirit and my guides today. My thought about being out of touch does not mean anything.
I have a stuffy nose. My thought about my stuffy nose does not mean anything.
Leelah Alcorn was beautiful, and I am sad that she committed suicide. My thought about Leelah Alcorn does not mean anything.
I feel guilty about even typing the application in response to many of the things I wrote above. My thought about guilt does not mean anything.


This idea will help to release me from all that I NOW believe: but at present it is a hard thought to accept, because I feel as though I am denying the reality and value of persons I love, and of the things I do to make our world more beautiful.  But guilt itself is part of the illusion.  In fact it is the lock on my prison door, isn’t it?



My blog is very exciting to me. My thought about my blog does not mean anything.
My nose is still stuffy My thought about my stuffy nose does not mean anything.
My cat is snuggly, cute and soft. My thought about my cat does not mean anything this time either.
I wonder what the Lost Kittens mean in my dreams. My wondering about the Lost Dream Kittens does not mean anything.


My reflections on my thoughts and this lesson do not mean anything.  This idea will help to release me from all that I now believe, and allow me to see things truly.  I need not feel guilty, because only by releasing my current perspective can I embrace what I truly am NOW and restore to myself the knowledge of Love that is my birthright and my will.

Lesson 11: My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.

January 4, 2015


I repeated this thought many times today: while looking about my bedroom…my kitchen…my hometown…the church I attended this morning.  Also some related thoughts: my thoughts are meaningless because they are interpretations from my past; by silencing my thoughts I can open the way to see these things as they are NOW.


I wandered into Tip Top Market, a (really great!) natural foods and fair trade arts store in the center of Brookfield, MA, with a sense that I wished to buy something there, and that perhaps I would recognize it as I wandered through. Instead I realized that the beautiful things therein held no immediate meaning for me, nothing was calling to me, though the store itself had been.

I picked up a couple of items I’d been looking for – a packet of incense, a small piece of chocolate, and a small zippered pouch to hold my “NOW” crystal, only to remember that they don’t take American Express…the only form of payment I had available to me at the time. I excused myself with a slight grimace.

Why was I drawn there, then? Perhaps to illustrate meaninglessness.  Many things attracted me in the store, but they cannot in and of themselves heal or bless me or anyone.  It is only when they are employed NOW in the service of Love that a thing or being can fulfill their purpose.  I went in searching for meaning and walked out realizing it was not there to be found.


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