Culling Intentions

Girl No. 007

The Law of Intention and Desire

In addition to practicing the lessons from A Course in Miracles, I am also trying to apply the principles from Deepak Chopra’s Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. As Chopra suggests, I am focusing on one principle each day, rotating through all seven on a weekly basis. Thursday’s principle is “The Law of Intention and Desire”.  I found it especially difficult to apply the three actions (intention – surrender – awareness) supporting this principle today.


For one thing, when I reviewed my list of intentions I was beset by a feeling of unease. Not regarding my four primary intentions, of course (1. Know Myself; 2. Manifest My Purpose; 3. Heal My Family; 4. Bless My World), but most of the specific desire listed under them seem pointless. For example, I remember being intensely attracted to a pendant that I saw at the California Conference for Women two years ago; I still see it as beautiful, but it seems to have become completely irrelevant. Even some of the more purposeful (less material) desires, such as “Protect Personal Care Routines and Boundaries” and “Develop Visual Strategist Skill Set” seem a bit trite.


Now that I think about it, I’ve been doing a lot of clearing out. At home, this has meant mending or tossing old clothes, giving away unneeded household items, and tossing out expired art supplies; at work I’ve been giving away excess office supplies, discarding old files, and even planning a streamlined redesign of our departmental SharePoint site. I suppose it should not surprise me if my “Journal of Intentions” comes under scrutiny for culling, as well.

Perhaps today my “surrender” takes the form of letting go those intentions which no longer serve me.


During my morning commute, I was very tired, and present moment awareness was not helping, so I decided to turn the radio on. The constant search for a decent station interspersed with regular doses of morning show drivel with set my mind to wandering a lot during the drive. At work I was fairly focused and productive, but that is not unusual. On my drive home I again found myself constantly dragging my wandering mind back to the road; at home, I struggled to maintain attention in my conversations with Mark and our sons.

Is there a lesson in this as well? Perhaps just that, since I am yawning again as I type this, I need to be aware of bedtime.


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