Thoughts on A Course In Miracles: Lessons 42 – 45

Lesson 42: God is my strength. Vision is His gift.

February 6, 2015

We will have two three-to-five-minute practice periods today, one as soon as possible after you wake, and another as close as possible to the time you go to sleep. It is better, however, to wait until you can sit quietly by yourself, at a time when you feel ready, than it is to be concerned with the time as such…

There is no limit on the number of short practice periods that would be beneficial today…The more often you repeat the idea during the day, the more often you will be reminding yourself that the goal of the course is important to you, and that you have not forgotten it.

Meditation Page

I struggled with the gendered implications of the phrasing of this lesson, and played with the idea in several forms.  I dislike the “God/Goddess” figures at the top of the page, but I feel peaceful when I apply the idea in this form: “Love is my strength and vision is it’s gift.”

Love is My Strength. Vision is its Gift.
Love is My Strength. Vision is its Gift.

Lesson 43: God is my Source. I cannot see apart from Him.

February 7, 2015

Three five-minute practice periods are required today, one as early and one as late as possible in the day. The third may be undertaken at the most convenient and suitable time that circumstances and readiness permit. At the beginning of these practice periods, repeat the idea for today to yourself with eyes open. Then glance around you for a short time, applying the idea specifically to what you see… For the second and longer phase, close your eyes, repeat today’s idea again, and then let whatever relevant thoughts occur to you add to the idea in your own personal way… If you find your mind wandering; if you begin to be aware of thoughts which are clearly out of accord with today’s idea, or if you seem to be unable to think of anything, open your eyes, repeat the first phase of the exercise period, and then attempt the second phase again. Do not allow any protracted period to occur in which you become preoccupied with irrelevant thoughts. Return to the first phase of the exercises as often as necessary to prevent this.

In applying today’s idea in the shorter practice periods, the form may vary according to the circumstances and situations in which you find yourself during the day… Today’s idea should also be applied throughout the day to various situations and events that may occur, particularly to those which seem to distress you in any way.

Lesson 44: God is the light in which I see.

February 8, 2015

Begin the practice period by repeating today’s idea with your eyes open, and close them slowly, repeating the idea several times more. Then try to sink into your mind, letting go every kind of interference and intrusion by quietly sinking past them. Your mind cannot be stopped in this unless you choose to stop it. It is merely taking its natural course. Try to observe your passing thoughts without involvement, and slip quietly by them…

Throughout the day repeat the idea often, with eyes open or closed as seems better to you at the time. But do not forget. Above all, be determined not to forget today.

Lesson 45: God is the Mind with which I think.

February 9, 2015

Our three five-minute practice periods for today will take the same general form that we used in applying yesterday’s idea… Begin the exercises for today by repeating the idea to yourself, closing your eyes as you do so. Then spend a fairly short period in thinking a few relevant thoughts of your own, keeping the idea in mind. After you have added some four or five thoughts of your own to the idea, repeat it again and tell yourself gently:

My real thoughts are in my mind. I would like to find them.

Then try to go past all the unreal thoughts that cover the truth in your mind, and reach to the eternal…

In the shorter exercise periods for today, try to remember how important it is to you to understand the holiness of the mind that thinks with God. Take a minute or two, as you repeat the idea throughout the day, to appreciate your mind’s holiness. Stand aside, however briefly, from all thoughts that are unworthy of Him Whose host you are. And thank Him for the Thoughts He is thinking with you.

Reflections on Lessons 43 – 45

Due to the meditative nature of these exercises, I focused more on the experience than on documenting what I experienced. It seems to me that the very act of documentation is a testament to the Ego I would escape, and that the attempt to define the experience in familiar terms prevents me from transcending the familiar. Nor can I claim that “I” experienced any great moment of transcendence, but there were times I felt a sense of peace and the dissolution of fear. Behind my shut eyes, I began to see colored lights emerging in the darkness. I don’t understand what any of it means.


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