Forgiveness (a Poem)


You corseted my soul and bound the feet of my inner child

I breathed shallowly in the rarefied air of the Patriarchy

And stepped gingerly on the straight and narrow path of Law


Every impulse was retrained

And like a bonsai tree my growth restrained

Until one leaf pushed forth

Bigger than the rest

And you tossed me out

And my broken pot and the soil of my life

Lay on the sidewalk

Trampled underfoot

On the concrete


And free of my bonsai pot

I could not stand

On my bound feet

Nor breathe in the heavy air

But tried to patch the pot around me

And hobble along

As best I could

Sitting on your doorstep


Please please

It’s cold outside

Please please

It’s raining

It’s dark

And then

It’s sunny

It’s actually kind of funny


What happened

As my unbound self

Responded to the Sun

And dug my roots into the Soil

And drank up the rain

I planted myself anew in the

Garden of My Heart’s Desire

blossomed and bore fruit

and pushed out big leafy branches


And once a year I wept for my little pot

but less each year

As I grew great

and shaded your house

From the harshness of the weather


And walking by me in your comings and goings

You never even recognized me

But admired me in my

Leafy green glory

Crowned with blossoms

And Laden with fruit


And when at last

you Passed

I took you into myself again

And through my roots you grew up

and out

dropped as new


in the




2013-02-01 14.39.13-1


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