There and Back Again

I’ve been on a Journey.  Toward the end of last year, I sensed that I had gone as far as I needed to with the ACIM Lessons, and that it was time for me to pay more attention to the Teacher Within.  My path of learning, my practice, is clearly connected to art and journaling…not to classroom instruction, and so I let it go and left room for something else to grow.

My last two ACIM Art Journal pages are shared here.

LESSONS 230 – 234

Lesson 230: Now I will seek and find the Peace of [Love].

Lesson 231: [Love], I will but to remember you.

Lesson 232: Be in my mind, [Love], throughout the day.

Lesson 233: I give my life to [Love] to run today.

Lesson 234: [Love], today I am your [daughter] again.

L230-234. 20151101

Lessons 235 – 240:

Lesson 235: [Love, in its] mercy wills that I be saved.

Lesson 236: I rule my mind, which I alone must rule.

Lesson 237: Now I would be as [Love] created me.

Lesson 238: On my decision, all Salvation rests.

Lesson 239: The glory of [Love] is my own.

Lesson 240: Fear is not justified in any form.

L235-240, 2015109

Thank you for journeying with me this far. I am back again, and welcome you to explore with me the Labyrinth Path. Aho.


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