Prayer for a Journey With Sisters

WP_20150131_004 1A little over two years ago – shortly after I started this blog – Serendipity (a most mischievous friend!) led me to the Sisterhood of the Red Madonna.  It took me a while to settle into the practices, but its rhythm matched to the cycles of the moon has become second nature to me now, and helps me to navigate my own cycles with greater consciousness and grace.

I am less likely, at least, to be caught unawares…

As I begin to share some of that journey here on The Miriam Tree,  I’d like to start by sharing a poem I wrote for that circle round the sun two years ago.

Prayer for a Journey with Sisters

a villanelle by Tara E. Browne

Beloved Spirit hear my call tonight
No stars to light this darkness, stumbling on
I beg for my blind eyes some hope of sight


I dare not trust old friends to guide aright

For I would find new roads to walk upon

Beloved Spirit hear my call tonight


My call is desperate: see my sorry plight

Alone and cold and dark and trod upon

Oh bring to my blind eyes some hope of sight


But lo, here sisters come by candlelight

To lead me to a tent with curtain drawn

Beloved Spirit hears my call tonight!


Within the tent of red a glowing light

As warmth and laughter break the night forlorn

And open my blind eyes to blessed sight


So long alone I labored in the Night

But now I walk befriended in the Dawn

Beloved Spirit hear our call tonight

To all blind eyes bring this beloved sight!


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