Pillars of My Faith

7 pillars

On February 13, 2015, our Red Madonna inquiry was centered on the question

What are the five to seven pillars of your faith?

I enjoyed responding to this inquiry tremendously, and represented each one as a dark, soil-colored stroke on my “Queen of the Cosmos” canvas. I have returned to these principles in the years since, and find that by and large the do indeed hold true for me, though my understanding of some has perhaps changed in the intervening time.


All things are either a manifestation of Love, or a call for it.


Joy is the natural state of a being that is living in Love


Creation is the natural activity of a being that is living in Love


From love-based Creativity flows Abundance, the birthright of all beings.


I set my intention and offer it on the altar of Love to be made manifest as Love in the world


Fear recalls the past and projects it onto the future, but the NOW is the space of Love, seeing what is as it truly is, and making no judgment because it knows neither past nor future. Fear cannot dwell here.


Not a one of us can be forsaken or we will be incomplete. We are ALL necessary to one another.


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